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Sun is shining, the weather is sweet

by | Jul 1, 2018

Don’t worry Chorlton we are keeping all vinyl safe in these strange rain free conditions we are experiencing

Vinyl: ‘Oh the heat, the HEAT! Whatever shall become of us, we will surely perish!’

Me: ‘Hush, my loves, for I will find you new homes where you will be stored upright in a shaded, cool spot away from direct sunlight’

Vinyl: ‘Oh thank you! Our saviour!’

Me: ‘Also, the shops really cool so, you know, chill out.’




Record Tokens – We have had our supply of record tokens delivered this week. These are an awesome gift for all occasions and can be spent in most indie record shops – you can see a full list of where to spend here .

We need to figure a few bits out and then will be selling and accepting tokens in store. More information on Record Store tokens can be found at

Record tokens

Vinyl Fiction – Record Tokens


Rachel Cask – We have blasted our way through Rachel Casks ‘Outline’ this week and would highly recommend it. Outline is a novel told in 10 conversations, Cusk’s writing is beautifully lucid; I nailed it in 2 sittings.

Outline is the first in a series of 3 novels all available in store.


Graphic novels, did you know we have an ever-growing collection of graphic novels in store? Some highlights would be ‘Watchmen’, ‘Fun Home’ and ‘Not Drunk Enough’ call in and have a little browse.




Orders, had a good amount of orders placed with us this week, we will get back to you as soon as we have found and ordered them and let you know once they arrive in store. If you’re after something you can’t get your paws on, let us know and we will try to hunt it down for you. We take orders on both Books and Vinyl contact


Next week

Pro-ject, look out for the pro-ject turn tables coming in, we will have a demo out on display of the Jukebox E

Florence + the Machine, we have some “High as Hope” in next week so come and grab them. Also hoping to get Florence Welch’s “Useless Magic” in store too, we will update social media once both are in


Best Sellers this week

  • Men Without Women – Haruki Murakami
  • Room to Dream – David Lynch
  • How do you like me now – Holly Bourne
  • The Now Now – Gorrliaz
  • Gods Favourite Customer – Father John Misty
  • Dig Lazarus Dig – Nick Cave


Won’t be around long

  • Talk Tight – Rolling Black outs “Loser Edition”
  • Art, Sex, Music – Cossi Fanny Tutu


That’s it for this week Chorlton, once again you have been awesome! Thank you. Enjoy the sunshine and see you next week