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Our top tips for taking care of your stash!

by | Sep 3, 2017

Our top tips below for taking care of your stash!


Temperature and sunlight

Keep your collection away from sunlight! Not only will artwork fade the vinyl will warp with the temperature increase. This is true of stashing your collection by a radiator too!


Handing you collection

Clean and dry hands, both for the art work and the handling of the vinyl itself.  Fingers off!


Plastic sleeves

Outer sleeves – These are dirt cheep, keep covers protected and also help to stop corners getting too battered! We recommend buying a stash of them and keeping them as spares


Inner sleeves –  A little less common than the outer sleeve, these are used to keep the actual vinyl safe and snug inside the cover.



Don’t STACK any of your vinyl, not only is this the quickest way for them to warp they can also crack under the pressure/weight of vinyl sitting on top. Stacking can also create a dent/ring on the artwork from the vinyl sat underneath/on top. Always rack your collection vertically like books on a shelf


Give it a wipe…

However clean you think your T-shirt or hand towel is it’s not! The small fibres will remain on the vinyl and could also create small scratches over time. Always use correct cleaning equipment, it doesn’t cost a lot and will protect your stash


Wait for it to stop!

Never lift your vinyl of the turntable before it totally stops, those few extra seconds will help ensure the under side of your record doesn’t get scratched over time.



Everyone has their own order to a collection, be that alphabetically, order of release, Genre, band or just your own way that makes total sense to you and you only! However you order your stash ensure the names on the side of the cover sleeve are visible, this will avoid you pulling back a corner to see the album artwork.


We highly recommend creating a quick collection on a site like Discogs