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Arcade Fire – Everything Now 2017

by | Aug 29, 2017

It pains me a little to write this review as Arcade Fire are without doubt one of my favourite bands, both in terms of Live Performance and 3 go to favourite albums of mine.

‘Funeral’, ‘Neon Bible’ and ‘Reflector’ all offer a listener something different. Reflector brought with it a new ‘pop-disco’ vibe that I think many Arcade Fire fans were expectant of again on ‘Everything now’, but this isn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think ‘Everything now’ is a poor album; it just doesn’t quite deliver to the standard we know and love.

The album release was fuelled with a campaign that marketed an ‘everything now’ consumerism that is ever present in our current society. From Twitter feeds, to T-shirt, Finger spinners and ‘Fake news’ the album release had it all. However maybe this was the main focus rather than the album itself and possibly the music got lost in this?

The title track ‘Everything Now’ (track 2) is one of the best on the album for me, lyrically and musically it comes together with a very “arcade fire’ style chorus that hears vocal back up from Regine and Will.

‘Signs of Life’ (track 3) starts really promising with handclaps and sirens in a 70’s pop-esc style. The verse brings with it an expectation of a build to a powerful chorus, however this build never quiet happens and leaves me waiting for more.

Track 9  ‘Electric Blue’ sees the return of Regine and her ribbons… hurrah I hear you say, this one will deliver, as many Arcade Fire fans love it when she takes to the Mic solo. Again, ‘Electric Blue’ isn’t a bad track, its just doesn’t leave you with anything, there is nothing to grab hold of.


‘Everything Now’ definitely grows on you with each listen, bringing with it funk disco that is pleasurable for the ears just not to the extent of previous servings from Win and crew.