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The War on Drugs – A Deeper understanding 2017

by | Aug 29, 2017

I can’t say that prior to hearing “A deeper understanding” I have spent lots of time with the previous WOD albums but from the time I have spent I would say this album is arguably one of the best, up with ‘Lost in the dream’ (2014). Adam Granduciel returns to our ears with his Springsteen style of 80’s rock-pop in this, War on Drugs 4th Album.

There are some standout tracks on this album, first off ‘Holding On’ which was the second single release and is punchy from start to finish. The sweet mix of slide guitar and glockenspiel fit perfectly with Granduciels delivery is this classic rock Bryan Adams meets Springsteen cracker.

‘A deeper understanding’ has been compiled well with a good amount of rise and fall, for me it was important that ‘Nothing to Find’ (track 6) brought with it a bit of well-needed upbeat snare action as a break from the melodic tracks that come before it.

‘Thinking of a place’ (track 7) was the first single release and is smooth and soothing in it’s delivery, all 11 minutes of it! The move in and out of hypnotic guitar solos and synth give the track a hazy dream like feel that is captured inside the lyrics “Once I had a dream I was falling from the sky, Coming down like running water”

‘A deeper understanding’ may not make it in to my ‘wouldn’t skip a single track, frequently played stack of vinyl’ but is certainly be an album well worth a listen to.



‘Up All Night’
‘Holding On’
‘Strangest Thing’
Knocked Down’
‘Nothing To Find’
‘Thinking Of A Place’
‘In Chains’
‘Clean Living’
‘You Don’t Have To Go’