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Queens Of The Stone Age Villains – 2017

by | Aug 25, 2017

‘Villains’ is the 7th album offing from the QOTSA and long anticipated after ‘Like Clockwork’ 2013 (a personal favourite of mine despite popular opinion of others who view this album as a bit of a downer!). Reaching even further back to ‘Songs for the Deaf’ 2002, QOTSA don’t just smash out any old crap, it’s considered and released when it’s ready


Unlike other albums Villians  doesn’t feature any other guest musicians, however it’s important to pull out that Mark Ronson produced this little beaut and has applied his retro stamp all over the record, in a good way! Ronson has managed to bring a blended mix of analogue and digital technology together that gives it that contemporary “Ronson” feel that is recognisable across his career.


Villains hits you with an up tempo disco beat that’s ready to go. “Feet Don’t Fail Me” as the opening track at first feels a little sparse and you are clearly waiting for the good stuff to start, then you are in, if you like it or not we are off! The first standout track for me is second in with “The Way You Used To Do”, delivering cracking guitar riffs (very ZZ top-esc) and a beat that I challenge you to sit still to! This is the first single release off the album (June 15th 2017) and you can tell why.


‘Head Like a Haunted house’ is a treat to the ears that again you cant help but want to get up and dance around to. If anything it is just a little too short, which is ironic as this is the oldest of all the tacks on the album having been kicking around in instrumental form for nearly a decade!


The follow up single released 10th Aug ‘The Evil Has Landed’ appears pretty late on in the album but is well worth the wait, fuelled from the start with the instantly recognisable QOTSA riffs and delivers to all expectations for a good 6.30mins.


In summary Homme and Ronson wants us to dance around to Villains, and dance we all will!


“Rock should be heavy enough for the boys and sweet enough for the girls” Joshua Homme